Best time to visit India

It’s always a good time when it comes to visiting India but there certainly is the best time to visit India, for the country features a variety of landscapes ranging from the mighty Himalayas in the north, to serene beaches of the south, the Thar desert in the west and the worlds wettest place of the earth (Mawsynram) in East. This geographically rich country has varied places with weathers ranging from 19 F in winters to 125 F in summers.

The weather in India is divided into 3 major seasons –

Summer – Extending from mid of March until the rains arrive by June when the mercury ranges from 60 F to 122F. In the western desert region, the temperature reaches a maximum of 122 F while in the northern foothills of the Himalayas the weather is pleasant ranging from 40 F to 60 F. While most of India is under the sun it is a fairly good time for those seeking adventure and beauty and can visit Northern part of India.

Monsoon – The southwestern monsoon sweeps most part of the country and arrive at the southern coast by June and slowly moving upwards towards the mainland. The rainfall ranges from 300mm in the west to around 2800mm in the west thereby making an average of 600mm or more during the monsoon, which comes to an end by end of September

Winter – This cool and dry season is the most favorable time to visit India, the mercury levels are apt. in the range of 50-70 F. The winter season which extends from November to February is fairly pleasant in the mainland excluding the Himalayan region which is mostly covered in snow during winters and remains closed and isolated due to snowfall. Especially December and January are the coldest months with the average temperature ranging from 40 to 70 Degree Fahrenheit.

The winters are the most preferred season to visit the Taj Mahal, Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh the central and western parts of India. As it is most comfortable time of the year for those coming from comparatively colder regions like America’s or Europe or the U.K.

with summer being the longest average month throughout the country especially in the North, lasting for 6 months on average from March to September, and it really gets hot during this season and is not the best time to visit India especially if you are coming from cold regions like the states or Europe.

But as per my false belief, I learned from a past client from Australia that he very much enjoyed the sun in March in India and when he returned back home he was missing the Indian sun in Australian winters.

The best time to visit India if you come from colder regions is between the months of November to February, the average mercury 60 Degree Fahrenheit.

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