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Best Gourmet Cooking Class in Jaipur

India is famous for its spices and flavors and what would be better than to experience the authentic food of India with a food connoisseur? Come experience the taste of India in the best cooking class in Jaipur with a homemaker by profession and cook by passion. This interactive session will not only serve your taste buds but will give you an understanding of Rajasthan’s food which is famous all across the country. From the starters to the main course, you will gain first-hand experience in cooking these sumptuous delicacies from start to finish so once you are back home you can share good Indian food with your friends and families.

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The Jaipur cooking class offers –

  • Welcome Drink – Taste the welcome drink depending on the season, whether Chai or tea, Lassi, Lemonade, Sharbat, or any other. This will give you a refreshing feeling to get started with the cooking session.
  • Starters – Gain hands-on experience in preparing starters, which are considerably heavy in India and can be concluded as a mini meal, which you can easily prepare back home and enjoy. These are to enjoy while the main course is being prepared and to keep your taste buds working.
  • Main Course – The main course in Rajasthan is generally spicy, heavy, and full-filling to the bottom, our star cook makes sure your food is appropriately spicy, so you can enjoy it in peace without breaking a sweat. It includes Chapati, Naan, or any form of Indian bread, one seasonal vegetable, and lentil accompanied by some sweetness and other items which for sure will enhance the overall taste of the food.
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Dine in with the host to clarify your queries and concerns regarding the Jaipur cooking class and the food while enjoying the delightful delicacies of Rajasthan. In the Jaipur cooking class, you will learn about Indian foods, especially of Jaipur and Rajasthan, we will share with you the master recipes that will be helpful to you when you are cooking. You will learn about the ingredients, the process, and the technique of cooking specific delicacies. Come explore one of the best food tours with a passionate cook and enhance your gastronomical experience of India.

Cooking Class Jaipur

Experiential Learning with Cooking & Tasting

The cooking class sessions are on a pre-booking basis and conducted at home, so you also get to visit an Indian family and learn their ways of living, especially the food. Get the best experience in Jaipur with a family interaction to understand the ways Indians eat. Come explore our cooking classes to learn more.

All our cooking sessions are private and reserved for those traveling together, so whether you are an individual, couple, family & friends, or group of travelers you will have that personalized learning experience.

The pricing for our cooking classes is as follows –

Guests Price
1 to 3 Guests INR 2000
4 to 6 Guests INR 1500
7 and more INR 1200

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