The once capital of Mughal Empire, it was the highest seat of power during the times, and to testify the city is home to The TAJ the ultimate expression of love, and besides the taj the city has some great Citadel’s gardens on the river banks and the most striking part is the underdeveloped Agra still retains it’s old world charm, with narrow streets and bustling traffic it is a different experience and unlike any other city in India.

It is indeed the most visited destination in India, and under the Mughal rule, it flourished as a centre of art, culture and commerce since it was the chosen capital of one of the greatest empire during the reign of Akbar- The Great.

The stone art of the region is famous as the descendent’s of the then builder’s of Taj Mahal, who inherited the art since generations have kept it alive. Many of the artists were from Persia, Afghanistan and different other region’s thereby creating an amalgamation of arts and craftsmanship over the year’s reaching perfection.

Dominated by the Mughal Ruler’s the city the cuisine is delightful for the non-vegetarians from korma to stew, chicken lollipop, tandoori – afghani and much more dishes served on the platter the city of Taj cant disappoint you.

Agra is a fair combination of MUGHAL – culture, food, culture and shopping making “Agra” the city of Mughal’s.