When asked —  Self-driving cars in Delhi?

That’s pretty hard – Sunder Pichai C.E.O of tech giant Google.

As one enters Delhi he get’s lost in the waves of car’s making their way through the immense capital of India, home to a whopping 20 Million, just little less than all Australian’s combined the history of capital stretch back to 3000 yrs, from the time of Mahabharat – The Epic Tale of Hinduism it was the seat of power of the Pandava’s Kings back then known as “Indrapasth”. Delhi has seen the Rise and Fall of golden thrones to ashes and the last to remain is the Lutyens’ Delhi crafted by  the British Architect Edwin Lutyens, the present powerhouse of the Nation.

Being the center of Power and Commerce, deep in it’s root’s is the history burried under the layer’s of Culture and Cusine’s from all part’s of India. It’s magnificent monuments from the past, the captivating museums, busy and bustling streets and the life gives Delhi it’s distinctive and vibrant hue’s, it’s a city for every kind of traveler. Breathing history and modernity at the same time and is a city of extreme’s –  ranging from cyber hub’s  in the N.C.R (National Capital Region) rising in sharp contrast to Old Delhi which was the appraised capital of numerous kingdoms and dynasties, the modern skyscrapers and antique architecture’s both still alive in the city, from the fast pace of the metro rails to the man operated cycle rikshaw,

Top bureaucrats to road seller’s, people from every part and aspect of the country are poring into the city every day to compete their dreams, some make it to the other side and rest on the roadside giving Delhi it’s distinctive and vibrant hue of cultures, tradition, religion, the people and belief’s. Full of life all around Delhi is a city which can get you struck for days and month’s.

“Tombs of emperors stand beside traffic junctions, forgotten fortresses command suburbs, the titles of lost dynasties are woven into vernacular, if only as street names” Jan Morris

Witness to the Rise and Fall of the greatest of Empire of the Indian history.