The Golden city amid the Thar Desert. Nobody can be immune to the charms of Jaisalmer the very first glimpse of the Golden Jaisalmer Fort, occupying the pride of palace in the monochromatic sandy landscape is bewitching. Inside the ccitadel turbaned faces carry a smile hidden in thick moustaches, long skirts catch the brilliance of the sun in their mirror work. Along with the cobbled streets and painted houses promise a view of an enchanted world.

The wall’s of the fort stands testimony to the deeds of it’s Rawal or Ruler’s and the riches of trade standing tall for nearly 900 years. It’s mucisians sing the songs of it’s daily existence, of the beauty of their desires and this music which will echo in your ears for long making you realize that desert is not an endless sequence of dunes.

The muted colours of the desertscape, the radiance of the traditional lives and the artistry embedded in stone are the highlights of Jaisalmer.

Founded by Rawal Jaisal amid the That Desert, it came to light when it became an important part of the Silk Route in the 16th century to avoid the Pamir Mountain’s traveller’s changed the route through the Desert, it became an important traveller’s retreat back then for the trader’s of Silk and Spices.

Made of Yelloe Sandstone it’s Fort is a symbol of it’s glorious past. The great Palaces, Mansions and temples signify it’s wealthy status which the people has aquired through helping the trader’s of the Silk Route.