Khajuraho – Sculpting Arts

The city of ancient temples Khajuraho, a perfect amalgamation of sensuality and serenity is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Standing tall for almost a millenium have passed since the temples were raised by the artists of the bygone Chandela Empire during the times of muslim invaders the Chandella rulers migrated from Khajuraho leaving behind the temples which with time got hidden by the thick forest cover and lost untraced, until Captain T.S Burt revealed them to the world in 1838. Still intact after thousand years these set of temples are a living work of art.emples are

These rich temples of artistic and architectural grandeur the millennium old temples radiate atmosphere of joy, celebration, and playfulness these statues at the temples well represent the lifestyle and beliefs of those artists who built them depicting every aspect of life from divinity, love, joy war depicted with detail on every inch of the 85 temples belonging to Hindu and Jain religions.  An extraordinary way depicting life culture, religion and the traditions coming into play  there are graceful maidens in varied postures, dancers, attendants, musicians and couples caught in the act of love-making.

The Genesis of Medival Indian architecture and sculpting genius, made out of sandstone in hue of buff, pink and adorned with intricate carvings depicting the life in medieval India these temple are so full of art in every nook and corner there ain’t any space without the artistic creations notably the most creative of Medival Indian Architectures. with sheer amount of details and complexity, there can not be such excusite creations in stone anywhere else on the earth, its like watching each carving speak for itself.

Out of the 85 only 22 remains some of these Hindu temples are said to be inspired from the tantric principles, depicted in the ornate sensual sculptures these temples, are said to be inspired from the tantric principles, which was an alive phenomenon. thousands of years ago, Tantrika’s from across India to the “Mecca” and secret rituals took place at the exotic temples.

The Khajuraho Group of Temples are a rare beauty and unique architecture.