Sahelion Ki bari

The friend’s garden and pool was meant for the queen and her mates to relax from the scorching heat of Rajasthan. In the middle of the complex is the pool with fountains and 4 resting shaded post. It also house a meuseum but not an attractive one. The garden’s around are lush and relaxing with lines of roses. And a pool on the back side which has a lot of lotus. The pool has fountains on the side with 3 elephants and the water comes through the trunk of the elephants, a great deal of hand labour was required to make the fountains. The complex has a garden names the Moonsoon garden in which there are small fountain’s on the floor which give the feeling of rains or the moonsoon season for the queen’s when there arn’t any clouds above. This leisure place has a significance as when the King’s used to go on war’s it kept the queen’s happy and ease their worries on the matter of War, calming them and making their vibes positive and taking away their worries may for some times only. This artificial retreat was the best place for the queen and her friend’s to meet and has been named the friends place. The Garden’s and the pools make it a comfort zone away from the palace where the queen need to obey the laws of the palace, at the Sahelion ki Bari they are free to enjoy their way among the beautifully laid garden’s with lot’s of bottle Palm and different kinds of exotic plant’s like the one’s in the Moonsoon Garden with leaves of the size of Umbrella to ward of the rains. Enjoy the way queens used to do and bring in all your friends aswell.