Shastra Bahu Temple

Near Udaipur this 10th century temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu who’s one form was Sahastra-Bahu meaning one with a hundred arms. The Temple is a work of art and hardwork with every inch being carved with perfection yes with time the carvings are upset and even the Mughal’s destroyed the whole temple and thus on carving’s it’s very rare to find a face as all the faces are damaged by the mughal’s when they captured the area. It has murals of godd’s and godess, depictions of Ramayan and many more. But to see it is a different experience if you are an admirer of art and hard work. To know the number of hands and time needed to built this is a mystry and a surprise. It has two temple’s one is big and another small. Local’s say its temple of Saas-Bahu or wife and mother in law the big one belonging to mother in law and the small on of her daughter in law. But this is just a mistake in spelling the name since Sahastrabahu resemble to saas bahu and hence people related it. It is general’s not crowded unline other monument’s and one can enjoy it with great pleasure as per their choice. It’s under the govt. of India and there is no entry ticket and not even guard’s to take care. So be on your own and go aroung the whole complex as you wish. With a lake nearby and view of a nice hotel on the hill just near. This temple nearly 1000 yrs old has concealed a lot about those days on it’s wall if one can decode.