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Shekhawati Rajasthan – Sneak into a world of Art, Culture, and Traditions

Shekhawati the barren region of the Thar desert in Rajasthan was ruled by the Shekhawat Rajput clan. The region is home to the leading business families of India including the Mittal, Singhania, Piramal, Dalmia, Khetan, Goenka, and many others. The Shekhawati Region was part of the Silk Route which helped the businesses flourish and gave rise to merchants who are now pioneers in the country. Today the region boasts of rich culture, heritage, traditions, and works of art and architecture. Famous as the open-air museum this desert region of Shekhawati, Rajasthan is filled with colors and emotions which attract travelers from all over the globe.

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Shekhawati India


What makes Shekhawati Rajasthan famous?

The merchants who established themselves in various parts of the country sent home money which was used to decorate their homes with beautiful murals and paintings. Some of the mansions of lavish businessmen have work of silver and gold like in the sone chandi ki haveli in Mahansar. With the increasing wealth, the traders of Shekhawati got their mansions upgraded with work of arts, wherever they operated their business they sent their surplus money back home to their families. The rulers of the region were generous and supported businesses to flourish and rise. Since the opportunities were limited in this deserted part of Rajasthan and there couldn’t be any advancement in agriculture, businessmen from this region traveled to far-off places in search of the right opportunities and succeeded in their ventures. Coming from hardships of heatwaves during summers to freezing temperatures in cold, they were prepared to face all kinds of weather and season.

Shekhawati Rajasthan

The money made by these merchants was invested with open hearts to adorn the mansions of the traders and is evident when one visits these Havelis. The Shekhawati havelis draw the attention of art lovers from all across the globe, with their fresco-painted walls which testify to the region’s wealth. It is not just the paintwork on walls, but one can see the artistic doors and windows with wonderful architecture bound to attract your attention. These fresco art forms depict a wide range of paintings from the legend Ramayana, to Mahabharata, the day-to-day lives of the region, technological advancement of the time which is depicted in the murals of Cars and telephones that adorn the walls, and a lot more. Each work of art has a story to tell, you need to keep your senses open to admire these works of art.

Shekhawati Rajasthan India

Some havelis are restored to their former glory by the owners and can cost you a small fee from INR Rs. 10-250, while many are in their original form with the wear and tear of time clearly visible.
Along with the artwork the region is also famous for the rural lifestyle and culture which it presents for tourists. The deserted region of Rajasthan offers vibrant colors, rural lifestyle, and rich traditions which offer an immersive experience of life in India. Some of the palaces and forts of the Royal families of the region are transformed into hotels which offer visitors a taste of royalty, so they can indulge in experience they would remember for life.


Places to Visit in Shekhawati

  • Mandawa – Mandawa the village town of Shekhawati, is home to numerous havelis including the Murmuria Haveli, Chokhani Haveli, Gulab Rai Haveli, and the Mandawa haveli. Along with the Havelis Mandawa Fort is a must-visit, now converted into a private residence and hotel. The narrow alleys and shopping local experience are bound to leave a lasting impression on your personality. Experience the best of Shekhawati in this small town of Mandawa which has lovely havelis converted into hotels, to experience the lifestyle of the rich traders of the region.
  • Mahansar – This small village is famous for its liquor which is traditionally made in multiple flavors and tastes good, until recently it was for personal usage and sold illegally. Now one can find this liquor in the wine shops and enjoy the exquisite taste of Shekhawati Rajasthan legally. This village is home to a fort which is home to a few hotels and is home to the Sone Chandi Ki Dukaan, a room of Jeweller which is decorated with gold and silver paint which makes these paintings unique and a must-visit when in Shekhawati.

Shekhawati Rajasthan

The people of the region are friendly and rough in their dialect, but are certainly helpful and conversationalists who would love to enjoy evenings talking about things ranging from politics to weather, crops, and the tales of the great rulers of the erstwhile estates who have done a lot for the communities.

Reaching Shekhawati

Shekhawati is easily approachable from Delhi the national capital as well as from the capital city of Jaipur, it is a prominent destination on your Rajasthan Itinerary if you intend to learn about the people, community, and traditions of Rajasthan. This region will amaze you in each aspect, be it the mesmerizing havelis, beautifully adorned palaces, and forts, or the lovely people of the region. If you have an interest in paintings, frescos, and art this is the place to be.

Experience the best of Shekhawati Rajasthan with the region’s experts, join us on our guided tours through Shekhawati India, and explore this hidden gem of Rajasthan. Vijay India Tours is the leading travel organizer for Shekhawati and will make sure you and your loved ones have a wonderful experience in this semi-deserted region of Rajasthan that you will cherish for life.

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