Uttar Pradesh

The state that can boast for the most famous monument of India the Taj Mahal. It’s a fertile area with the major river’s of India the ganges on the banks of it is the holy city of Varanasi and the Yamuna on whose bank is the Taj. One of the largest states of India and currently ruled by a saint who is the cheif minister. The homeland of Lord Ram and which is a matter of dispute as to built a temple or a mosque on that place. The prime occupatipon is farming, but since there is a large crops other industries which require crops for as their raw product are set up here and emerging as a manufacturing state. It’s capital is Lucknow which is famous for it’s nawad or lavish style of living. To explore uttar pradesh you need a year or more as it extends from delhi to the borders of bhutan and nepal so to keep it precise we will be visiting the most famous cities of Agra and Varanasi which are unique in their own sense one is monumental and the other spiritual covering the two most important aspects of India.