Food In India – An introduction for your travel to India

When it comes to food in India, we have a long list of Indian cuisines that are served differently in different parts of the country, depending on the availability of the raw materials, weather, culture, and traditions. Therefore it is difficult to list down the food in India in a single blog, here we are giving you an introduction to foods you would come across while traveling through India, depending on the part of the country you travel and I might have to miss some of the delicacies to create this limited list.

India is a vast country with a wide range of geography and topography available for cultivation where various grains, vegetables, spices, and aromas add that flavor to the Indian cuisine. India has an agriculture-based economy which ensures the country is rich in cultivation which has a direct impact on the food of the country and its cuisines. Along with vegetarian meals, you can find a variety of non-vegetarian options which include chicken, mutton, fisheries, and seafood.

Indian cuisines traditionally consist of curry or a spicy dish combined with a plain accompaniment which is not spicy and more fulfilling to numb the hunger. Along with this, there are spicy or sweet-savory additions and then the deserts. In India, people love to eat spicy and then enjoy desserts to cool off their taste buds.

Food in India

Food In India

Typical Indian meal can be broken broadly into the following parts –

  • Curry – It can be vegetable or nonvegetarian cooked in loads of spices which adds that flavor to it, Indian curries are famous all over the globe and can be found all over the country, and the variety of vegetable or nonveg ingredients may vary from place to place.
  • Lentil – Lentil is a staple meal of the country and is liked by almost all, it can be prepared in loads of flavors and tastes, depending on the part of the country you visit.
  • Chapati/Roti – Indian bread is primarily made of wheat, in winter you can experience millet, maize, and other grain chapati too they are heavy and perfectly accompanied by spiced curries. You can find a wide range of Indian breads that include – Naan, Parantha, Chapati, and other forms that are worth tasting.
  • Rice – Rice is the staple meal of the South and it’s not just rice, you get a variety of products made of rice that are fulfilling and appetizing. Rice is prepared in numerous forms in India, Jeera Rice or simple rice without any spices, Pulao, Biryani, and lot more form of rice are available in the country and is accompanied by curry or lentil.
  • Desert – Most local deserts in India consist of Ghee – Clarified butter, milk, and sugar, it can have numerous ingredients ranging from dry fruits to rice and others, that create a fulfilling experience for your tummy.

Well, traveling to India for the first time it is recommended to start with bland food which is not so spicy and then increase the spice levels slowly to avoid Delhi belly. Indian cuisine differs from state to state and region to region, and also in the weather you are visiting, so be prepared for a large variety of Indian cuisines for your trip to India.

This blog post is just an initial version and will be updated, so stay tuned for more information.