Foods you must try in North-India

Indian Food isn’t like anything you get at the local Indian restaurant near you, you got to eat it in India if you love those spices and rich aroma. Here is a list of best delicacies which the locals love and are fond of them and certainly worth your try when travelling in North India either alone or with your family. Dont miss out these foods you would come around at every nook or corner of the street or at high end dining restaurants. Try our special Indian Food Tour if you would like to taste these delicacies.

  • Chapati – Try it with your own hands, just dip in curry and taste this Indian bread served in most of North India with a pinch of clarified butter to top it off. Made out of rice dough and a pinch of salt to taste then baked on the flames. It goes with most dishes and almost every place you eat you can find the Chapatis or naan or roti just different kinds of Indian bread.
Indian curries chicken
Masala Chai/Indian Tea
  • Masala Chai – The favourite drink of India, and there is no time for drinking it you can have it in morning, evening, afternoon and any time of day. One can see small stalls on the roadsides across the north selling this tea with milk and a pinch of ginger, black pepper (mostly in Winter) and cardamom.
  • Samosa – The triangular snack mostly served in breakfast. Made of flour and potato fillings with spicies and other mixture of vegies like onion and peas along with other things. Its crispy on the outside and spicy on the inside. Served with Chutney or sauces made of tamarind the sweet one and the spicy one made of coriander leaves and mint.
Samosa from India
  • Chole Bhature – Garbanzo beans served with deep fried Indian Bread which is usually swollen after frying. Along with chick peas are onions, garlic and blend of spicies. The chick It is famous across the north region and one can find it in Restaurants and the street vendors.
Famous North Indian Chole Bhature
Chole Bhature
  • Laal Maas – This lamb dish from the western state of Rajasthan, is known for the chilli blends made in oil or clarified butter with onions and garlics which bring out the flavours in the meat. Served with Indian Chapatis. Once in India one must try this dish of lamb and be prepared for a sweet after the meal as it is a bit spicy but tasty.
Red Meat of India
Red meat
  • Pani Patasi/Gol Gappe – A tasty bite of round flours balls filled with cooked potatoes and raw onions along with spiced water. It’s the most favourite of the ladies and good evening snack. Served all over the north India on the street-side stands and restaurants. With a blend of chutneys sweet and sour to add flavours to it. Tastes Yummy.
Indian Chaat Gol Gappe made of flour
Gole gappy famous Indian chaat
  • Paav Bhaji – Another assorted dish filled with butter and bhaji as mixture of veggies, potato, onion, cauliflower and tomatoes without curry its actually a thick paste with butter served with chopped onions. Paav are more like buns and fried in butter to add the aroma to it on a flat pan known as tawa. Tickling your taste buds add extra butter to numb the spices.
Indian Dish paav nhaji
Pav Bhaji of India
  • Ras Malai – This creamy delight with sweet balls made out of milk solids and sweet syrup made out of milk and cream. Its a famous dish loved by sweet lovers all over north region. Indulge in this desert after your spicy meals and ease your taste buds from the spices and enjoy the sweet delicacies of India.
Indian Dessert Ras MAlai
  • Ras Malai – This creamy delight with sweet balls made out of milk solids and sweet syrup made out of milk and cream. Its a famous dish loved by sweet lovers all over north region.
Gulab Jamun Deserts
  • Gulab Jamun – Enjoy the sweet balls made of milk and flour battered and fried in ghee i.e. clarified butter, later dipped in sugar syrup. Famous across the North this delicacy is available in tin cans or loose in almost all places at sweet shops.
  • Lassi – Another favourite drink prepared with curd/yogurt, it’s blended curd with added sugar for sweet tooths and pinch of spicies to accompany your meals. A healthy getaway from the scorching heat in the summer it helps sooth your stomach and can be taken with rice or banana for you have that “Delhi Belly” .
Lassi made of Yogurt/curd
Curd Lassi