Delhi Belly – Causes, & How to avoid Delhi Belly in India

Delhi Belly – Its Causes, & How to Avoid Delhi Belly in India

– Synonymous with “Travellers Diahreah” it is a common observation when travelling to new places. Infectious viruses and bacteria are the main cause of Delhi Belly, which your body is not familiar with and once they enter your body there can be symptoms which can include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and fever.

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Fret not it can be avoided with little precautions.

how to avoid Delhi belly

How to avoid Delhi belly in India?

The best part is Delhi Belly can be avoided with little precautions if you are vigilant of what goes inside your mouth.

Water – Unfiltered water contains bacteria and viruses, therefore it is recommended to drink purified and or packaged drinking water which goes through an extensive filtering process and ensures you do not get an upset stomach. So wherever you go make sure you do not opt. for tap water but rather prefer purified drinking water preferably packaged drinking bottles. There are many local companies producing packaged drinking water which should be avoided as they might not have that extensive filtering process. These are some of the packaged drinking water brands which are readily available all over India and can be trusted –

There are many other brands available in the market, which could be as effective as the above ones.

Food – India is a country that has a wide range of mouth-watering cuisine, their perfect aroma, spicy flavors, and yummy taste can be irresistible. But keep it slow in the beginning, prefer eating only hot food as most viruses and bacteria can’t survive higher temperatures.

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It is recommended to pick up your food from famous shops and outlets which would be crowded and you might have to wait in a queue to get your order, but given the servings, it signifies that the food is freshly prepared and of good quality, that keeps the people waiting.

Eat at the recommended restaurants that cater to foreign guests, as they understand your cuisine and give you the experience of Indian cuisine without many spices and other ingredients that might cause an upset stomach. In metro and big cities, you can find International food chains that you eat from back home and you can eat from them too as they maintain International standards and can be helpful to avoid Delhi belly.

Are you a fruit lover, it is recommended to prefer fruits with skin, so you can peel them off and enjoy them without making much contact like bananas, oranges, and pineapples to name a few. Also, if you want to try raw veggies and fruits it is recommended to wash them in hot water or packaged drinking water to lower your chances of getting Delhi Belly.

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How to get rid of Delhi Belly?

Treating your upset Stomach

Prevention is better than cure, but what if a virus or bacteria enters your body? You might show the symptoms that are – diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and fever. It is advisable to bring medicines for the abovementioned symptoms from your doctor back home, so you have them at the onset and can recover soon.

Relax and don’t exert too much, it will go away within a day or two. One must keep themselves hydrated with electrolytes and other fluids, but make sure only purified ones or packaged quality products.

If Indian food is upsetting your stomach, it is recommended to go for banana, curd, or yogurt and rice without any spices or flavoring. This will help soothe your stomach and you will feel better with 2-3 good meals. Once recovered you can enjoy Indian cuisine for the remaining tour.

If the diarrhea still persists or you don’t feel well it is recommended to see a doctor and get diagnosed for the actual virus and bacteria which is making you uneasy. Get some medicines and you will be back to enjoying your time in India within a day or two.

We understand it can be daunting to get sick in another country. It is better to avoid getting a Delhi belly than to cure it.

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