India By Train | A Travelling Guide on Train Journeys in India

Traveling India By Train

An informative guide about traveling India by train and an introduction to the Indian Railways – One of the world’s largest railway networks, established by the British East India Company. Today, the network is stronger and provides a convenient way of transportation given the area of the country which is enormous. Almost 24 million people travel on the Indian railway per day, the numbers can be astonishing but are true given the cost-effective mode of operation which is liked by many in the country.


Traveling in India by train is an experience of a lifetime where you get to interact with the locals, the journey is a story in itself, speaking from my experience of traveling India by train. You get to see the beauty of the country as rail roads pass through the various terrains and regions, and the people are more than happy to meet and interact with foreign tourists. Most people are welcoming and would click a few pictures of the memorable journey with their friends from abroad, they would offer you food and indulge in long conversation which would make the journey seem short. Train travel in India can be an enriching experience to learn about the people, the lifestyle, and the ways of living of the people of the country, and would surely recommend boarding a train when in India to experience it first hand.

The latest advancement in technology has empowered the Indian railway network with trains running at approx. 70 miles/ 110 km per hour which is the Vande Bharat train launched in the year 2023, which is comparatively faster than traveling by road and offers better comfort.


Here are a few things you must be aware, of which can make your train travel in India easier –

• The reservation status – Indian Railways offers reserved seats for Foreign tourists, this makes sure you will have a better opportunity of getting a confirmed ticket, all you need is your passport number. Given the large number of travelers, getting a ticket can be challenging at times.

1. Confirmed – This makes sure your ticket is confirmed and you can travel on your assigned seat.
2. RAC (Reservation against cancellation) – You are entitled to travel on an RAC seat which is on the sides, it is comparatively smaller in width as compared to other seats.
3. Waiting List – This ticket is not confirmed and you are not entitled to travel on the train. Wait until your ticket gets confirmed or RAC, before boarding the train.

• Class of Travel – There are primarily five classes of travel in general trains, in some luxury trains in India you can find suits and rooms on board but here we are talking about the regular classification available on trains in India.


1. General – As the name suggests it is meant for the general public, and the ticket is the cheapest among all modes of transportation available in India. It offers seats that are not reserved, so with a general ticket you are entitled to travel but doesn’t guarantee a seat, as at times it can be crowded and on some routes, you can sleep at ease when the passengers are low.

2. Sleeper – The sleeper class gives you an individual birth in the train, this ensures your journey is smooth without any disturbance, unlike the general compartment. There is no air conditioner in the sleeper class and can be difficult during the peak summer seasons, especially in western India. Indian sleeper trains are common among travelers opting for longer journeys and need space to lie down and relax.
3. 3rd AC – The 3rd AC compartment is similar to the sleeper but is air-conditioned, it is the most preferred mode of travel and is convenient and comfortable. The prices are comparable to other mode of transportation and makes sure you travel in comfort. It has three births one below, one in the middle, and one on the upper multiplied by two as the same arrangement is on the other side.
4. 2nd AC – The Second AC has reduced births in the compartment and ensures you travel at ease.
5. 1st AC – The first AC class on the Indian train ensures your journey is smooth and comfortable, it offers greater privacy and space for the traveler. The prices can be high, and at times comparable to flights, but the experience of a train journey can be compared to another.

Exploring India by train is for sure an experience you must have, as you get to experience the geographical beauty of the country ranging from rivers, mountains, fields, remote regions, cities, and a lot more. Along with making some new friends on the journey with people from all over the country who travel using the extensive Indian railway network. You can find people from all across the country on the train and it gives a chance to learn about the place which you will not be traveling to from their experiences.


Plan your travel in advance to get confirmed tickets for this amazing India tour by traveling on Indian trains, and experience the best of India on one of the largest railway networks in the world. We at Vijay India Tours offer Indian train journeys for our clients that give you an immersive experience to learn more about the people of the country.

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