India Holi Festival – The festival of Colors in 2024

The India Holi Festival is the best day to experience this colorful country in its true colors, this festival is celebrated all across the country with joy. Friends and relatives meet, greet, and paint their loved ones in various colors from head to toe, and at times it gets difficult to get rid of the colors even after a shower. Holi marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring festival and falls on the purnima of the Hindu calendar month of Phalgun, which in 2024 will be observed on 25th March 2024, these dates may change as per the Hindu calendar but India Holi festival generally fall in the month of March or April.

India Holi Festival

Why is India Holi Festival celebrated?

This Indian festival of colors lasts for two days, the main festival comprises worship and the fire ceremony known as Holika. The fire ceremony is believed to represent the rescue of Prahlad from the demon Holika who has a magical fireproof blanket, eventually, evil Holika goes into flames and Prahlad is saved by the grace of god. Also, it is believed that Lord Krishna played with colors with Radha, his lover and this festival celebrates their playfulness and rejoices in their love for one another. This adds the charm of the festival among the youth and especially those who are inclined to one another, they celebrate this festival of colors in the same spirit and belief.
The next day of Holi is the Dhulandi, which is the main event and the true festive aspect of Holi, this is the day we play, dance, sing, and enjoy a colorful India.

What to expect in India on Holi festival?

Colors, a lot of colors including powdered, pastes, and other fast colors which are hard to get off, and could last for a few days, those were the colors we played back in our school days but not anymore. Water yes colors get a good grip on your skin without water, so you can expect to get wet. Water guns and balloons, which small kids can use on you while going around the cities, won’t harm you if used gently.
The next day after the Indian Holi festival is Dhulandi is a time to rejoice and you can see people high on alcohol, hashish, weed, and bhang (an edible form of Cannabis that is legal in India and cheap too), depending on the region you visit.

Being prepared to celebrate the Holi Festival in India?

  • Moisturize your skin well with a lotion or oil, to gain an extra layer of protection on your skin. This will help rinse off the colors once you are done playing Holi.
  • You might get wet so wear appropriate clothes that would prevent you from getting exposed. Also, our Clothing for India guide helps choose the right dress for India. White is the preferred color on holy as it retains all the colors, but leaves you exposed when wet, so I would personally recommend wearing dark clothing.
  • Keep a small plastic bag or zipper handy to save your phone and money from getting wet and colored on Holi.
  • It is advised to stay in groups and keep caution when interacting with strangers, as on Dhulandi people are a bit higher than they would on normal days, so precaution must be observed.
  • Avoid drinking or eating from strangers, the vibe of Holi is infused with Alcohol, weed, and bhang. So unless you are sure of the ingredients avoid eating anything offered to you.
  • If you are going out in the streets you must be prepared to face colors, water from small water guns known as Pichkari, and maybe water balloons, they can hurt a bit at times. Wearing loose and sturdy clothing can help.
  • Stay hydrated, well you might end up getting high on this day, and staying hydrated would be great for your body.
  • A good breakfast is a must on Holi, it will give you the energy to play and enjoy the day and prevent you from getting drunk as well.
  • It is advised to avoid any sightseeing or market visit on Holi and rather enjoy the day indulging in Holi festival celebrations.

If you are a traveler seeking the true colors of India, Holi is the day to be in India in 2024 Holi will be on 25th March.

If you are in Jaipur on Holi then join us in the Holi festival celebration.

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