Is India safe to travel? Travel Advice for India in 2024

Wondering if India is safe to travel? Well, you are as safe in India as you would be back home. India is one of the most populous countries in the world and the world’s seventh largest country, it is difficult to say about the country as a whole as there are some parts of the country where caution must be exhibited when traveling. It will surprise you that the crime rate per capita in India is lower than United States or Australia, this can be difficult to believe but these are some real stats that might contradict the media coverage you come across on TV or the internet. To be honest, India is as safe to travel as any other country in the world, and you will surely have a wonderful time in India while experiencing its rich culture, architectural marvels, finger-licking cuisines, and friendly people. Travelling to India is an experience you will cherish for life, and it leave a lasting impact on you.

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How safe is India to travel

India is safe to travel

In the world’s most populous country, there are people from multiple faiths and religions in India, coexisting in harmony. The news you saw about communal violence can be true in some remote regions of the country and it doesn’t impact the whole country as a whole. We rarely see people moving out with guns, fans destroying cities, or radicals creating a ruckus. In India, rapes are not common incidents and today the police are more advanced and equipped with technology that reassures you of safety in any part of the country. Certainly, some aspects need to be handled with care by tourists when in India, one of them would be what to wear in India for women, checking with whom you are partying or being friendly with in some remote region.

Is India Safe to Travel

Regions in India where extra caution must be practiced

  • Bordering areas of the country with Pakistan and China.
  • The state of Jammu & Kashmir except Ladakh Region.
  • Some parts of the northeastern states are believed to be in unrest.
  • Parts of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal.

Travel Advice for Tourists –

There can be a cultural difference from the country you are coming from and therefore it is advised to observe a few safety advice to ensure you have a wonderful time in India. Some caution and you can travel India safely from North to South, and East to West.

Safety Advise for travelling to India


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  • Be aware of your belongings, especially in crowded places in cities.
  • Dress up appropriately for the places you ought to visit.
  • Observe your tone and volume at places of worship.
  • Avoid traveling in remote regions at night.
  • Book taxis or other travel arrangements from a trusted travel company in India.
  • Avoid beggars and touts by simply ignoring them.
  • Drinking alcohol in public places is banned and also keep a measure of your drinks.
  • Gay/Lesbian relationships are legally acceptable but not accepted by the community yet.
  • Restrain from public display of affection, as it can get unwanted attention for you.
  • Smoke at designated places.
  • Keep emergency contacts handy which include your embassy numbers, and local emergency number 112.


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