Jaipur Vintage Car Show

The world renounced Pink-City hosts the Jaipur Vintage Car show each year, which takes you back to the time of the Raj. These restored beauties are rare and this event gives an opportunity to explore these heritage preserved from generation to generation. The Jaipur vintage car show sees machines from all across the country and is a pleasant sight for people of all ages. What else can be a better place to hold an exhibition than the UNESCO World Heritage City of Jaipur?

This year the event was held at Jal Mahal Palace, the former residence of the Jaipur royals which is now a hotel run by the most prestigious hospitality brand Taj. Well, I know words can’t do much justice to the feeling of the event and I have got some pictures of these classic vintage cars which were ones driven by the Maharajas of India.

Jaipur Vintage Car Show

These classic pieces of collectibles are preserved in their pristine form and most of them are in running condition. It’s also, true India was once a wealthy country and most of these are the memories of the glorious past, preserved carefully by their owners and car collectors.

The Ford from 1913 was one of the oldest cars in the event almost a century old car, it is restored to almost new condition and one can’t get their eyes off this masterpiece. Well, I believe any part if damaged has to be custom-made by craftsmen with precision in their hands, to keep this beauty up and running.

Jaipur vintage car show’s showstopper

Vintage ford 1913 India

Along, with this there were a few Chevy, those longer Imphalas and many others, appearing straight from the hip-hop videos to the Jaipur vintage car show. The event was filled with car enthusiasts from across the country, especially the youth who were more fascinated by these masterpieces ranging from the early 19th century until the 60s or the 70s.

Chevrolet Imphala India

These long wheelbases were actually so long that you can fit two small sedans of today in the same space.

Vintage & Classic cars of Jaipur

The gorgeous colors and their dashboard were no less work of craftmanship, and to my surprise there were a few vehicles with customized logos and designs on their dashboard and in the front or the back, making them truly custom-made for the Royals.

Some fun facts –

Did you know that Rolls Royce actually created a Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupe, a bespoke luxury vehicle inspired by the Golden era of the “Raj” crafted for the best of the bests, unfortunately, that car was released in Dubai in the year 2014? But today Indian economy is booming at a rapid rate and Luxury car makers are penetrating the country to increase their sales.

Vintage Rolls Royce India

So, if you are a car enthusiast and have a fascination for vintage cars then you must visit the Jaipur vintage car show, also there are numerous other vintage car exhibitions and rallies all across the country.

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