Kite Festival India 2024

Kite Festival India

India is a land of festivals and each day is a celebration in this country which is rich in diversity, cultures, and traditions. The kite flying festival in India is celebrated on the occasion of Uttarayan which is amongst the very few festivals in India which falls on the same calendar date each year i.e. 14th or 15th of January mostly and this year Makar Sankranti is on 15th Jan 2024. This marks the transition of the sun and marks the end of winters and the beginning of summers. The Kite Festival India is celebrated across western India, including the states of Gujrat, Rajasthan, and Maharastra when kites are flown on the 14th and 15th of January, where you can see young, and old, men and women bask in the sun while guiding their kites to the sky.  There are cities like New Delhi which fly kites on Independence Day and small cities like Bikaner where one can see a sky full of kites on Ankhateej.

Kite Flying Festival in India 2024

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Kite Flying in India is more than a hobby, it is a sport where people compete to cut as many kites in the sky as possible. One can see men, women, old and young people of all ages basking in the sun while enjoying sweets including ladoo, gajak, and til papdi made of jaggery and sesame along with fritters or pakoras. So in many cities, if you cut a kite you would scream on the highest pitch “Wo Katta” which means cut your kite. People compete with others in the sky while screaming “Wo Katta”.

Kite Festival India

I have been fascinated with Kite Flying since a very young age and have been practicing it for a long, but have not yet excelled in the art of cutting kites. There are two primary methods of fighting the kites which include –

  1. Pulling the threads – It’s a complicated one and it is said that your thread must rub against the thread of other kite flyers at 0* – 90* angle to cut their kite.
  2. Releasing the thread – You release the threads to cut the counterart, here both the kites get intermingled and the flyer releases the threads.

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Along with these two important techniques, a lot of other factors play an important role in the Kite flying festival in India which are –

  • Thread Quality
  • Kite Type
  • Wind Flow and Direction

So to be a pro in Kite Flying in India requires loads of training and dedication, which is evident from the fact that you can see kids flying kites days before the kite festival in India, to make sure they are geared up for the big day.

Kite Flying Festival India

It is a celebratory time when families join together and enjoy cutting kites of neighbors (since they are in the vicinity and in reach of your kite) and others in a celebratory mode without any hard feelings. If you are fascinated by the idea of the Kite Festival in India and would like to be a part of the celebration then book your tickets before 14th January to India and be prepared to have a hands-on experience with Indian Families on the festival.

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