India is famous for it’s spirituality and its ancient art of meditation which help’s one achieve control over oneself as well as a way to unite with the supreme power. To get a insight about India’s religious and spiritual aspects and to connect with it, it’s a must to visit Haridwar set amid the foothills of Himalya’s and around along with Varanasi the holiest city where a large no’s of saint’s and individuals can be found taking a dip in the holy river ganges and indulging in religious prayer’s at the various ghat’s or the river banks. It is said that if you dip or immerse your self in the holy water it eases your sins. Then not to forget the Taj Mahal to see once you are pure as it say’s on the gateway of Taj Mahal ” let no man who is not pure at heart enter the garden of paradise” (Char Bagh). And continue to the city of Varanasi with narrow streets and ghats, not to miss the small and large temples here and there with all the priest’s indulging in the prayers.

Travel Route

Tour Plan

Delhi > Haridwar > Rishikesh > Jim Corbette National Park > Agra > Varanasi > Delhi/Extenstion to the Land of Royal's Rajasthan

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - Kick Start in the National Capital Region of India, visiting the spiritual sites belonging to various sects and religion - The Jama Masjid largest mosque of India and the Gurudwara Bangla Saheb belonging to Sikhism where we can see the free canteen and if feasible take a look inside the kitchen where people give service to the community. Drive through the India Gate and other govt. buildings built during the Colonial Era.

Day 2 - Start of early to Haridwar, where we will visit the Ghat's where numerous people come to wash away their sin and to pass the ashes of their ancestors in the Holy River Ganges. See the saffron clothed people claiming themselves to be saint's which is a tough decision to make out the true ones. And continue to Rishikesh.

Day 3 - Set amid the Himalayas this beautiful place will soothe and calm your mind and soul. Famous for its Ashram's where once visited the Beetles for spiritual growth. Would do a yoga session here is worth trying and later raft on the currents of the Ganges.

Day 4 - Start for the Tiger Adventure in the great Jim Corbett National Park which is a biodiversity hotspot rich in its flora and fauna, named after an avid hunter and later turned into wildlife conservationist who created this as reserved National Park. Relax in the serene environment and greenery near the Himalaya's

Day 5 - Safari to the Park and then depart to Agra the to catch the glimpse of the monument of love. In the Evening visit the proposed site for the Black Taj Mahal - the Mehtab Garden's to see the Taj Mahal at sunset from across river Yamuna.

Day 6 - Early morning visit to the Taj Mahal and explore the great Red Fort in Agra before we leave for Varanasi the Holiest of all cities.

Day 7 - Wander the streets of Varanasi where you would find temple's in every nook and corner and learn about the Hinduism. Visit the Manikarnika ghat famous for its Cremation going on throughout the day it is said if one is cremated here they will achieve Moksha or Salvation from the cycle of births. Enjoy a boat ride to calm you from the narrow streets of Varanasi. Relax tonight and sail to to your destination next.

Tour Highlights

Learning on the major Religion of India Hinduism
Tiger Sighting amist the view of Himalyan foothills
River Rafting on the Ganges
Visit to the place of worship of various religion
Explore the Holy cities of Haridwar and Varanasi

Tour Plan Starts : 2199 /-USD