Udaipur the City of Lakes in India

Historian James Tod described the Udaipur the City of Lakes in India as “The most romantic spot on the continent of India“.

City of lakes in IndiaUndoubtedly one of India’s most romantic cities which has often been compared to Venice and Italy due to the systematic network of lakes, nestled between the glassy waters of the lakes and the most ancient Aravalli Hills, and a rich blend of sights, sounds, and experiences. Rated as the third-best city in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine for the year 2018. This city has it all from beautiful architecture to friendly people and a series of water bodies to take the blues away. The Lake Palace in the middle of a lake is one of the best hotels in India and among the top in the world, where James Bond’s Octopussy was shot.

City of lakes in India

Founded by Maharana Udai Singh Ji when he was forced to leave the fortress of Chittorgarh during the time of Mughal attacks. The history of the city goes back to the times of great rulers like Maharana Pratap and Bappa Rawal who were always at war with the Mughal forces and were among the few kingdoms who never submitted to the Mughal supremacy. The city has a series of glorious palaces on the banks of more than 650 years old Lake Pichola, taking you back into the bygone era of the historic splendor of the Rajput Maharanas of Mewar, the city proud of its beautiful palaces and architectural style, a few of these palaces are now open to the public by being converted into museums like the City Palace in the City of Lakes in India – Udaipur is situated on banks of Lake Pichola is a masterpiece of architecture and art. Once inside you can decide for yourself why the palace is a gem of its own.

Delicate, feminine, and elegant the city has something for each kind of traveler be it the palaces, or the artistically decorated temples to beautiful work of hand-crafts, antiques, and mouthwatering food – What would be your reason to visit Udaipur? Udaipur’s peacefulness stems from the lakes that surround the city complementing its ancient and slow-paced atmosphere. The city adorned by the lakes, the blue waters, and a backdrop of the world’s oldest fold mountains the mighty Aravali’s. Watch out for life around these waters, may it be tourists dining on the lakeside restaurants, or locals having a bath in the waters. These series of lakes add a gem to this parched city and not just add to the beauty but also keep the mercury lower than other parts of the deserted state. The city has pleasant weather from mid of September to the mid of March and is the perfect season suitable for western travelers.

City of lakes in IndiaAlthough it is one of Rajasthan’s larger cities, modern-day Udaipur manages to retain a charming small-town vibe, and especially the people of the city are well mannered and royal in their actions, in their chivalry, in their service. One can be fascinated by the people from the near-by region belonging to the tribal community and can be found making a living on the streets of Udaipur, still carrying their age-old customs and traditions making it rich in its colors and cultures.

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