Packing For India Trip

Planning to visit India, harmony among the chaos of culture, tradition, and population, while still maintaining its spiritual peace this country is larger than most European nations, and given its size it is recommended to pack accordingly if you are travelling all across India. This packing for India guide will help you make better decisions and answer the question pondering in your mind – “What to bring when travelling to India?”

Packing for India can be tricky if you think so, but to be honest you can get almost everything in India at a cheaper price than you would pay back home. So keeping that in mind, it is recommended to pack light and the essentials for your upcoming trip to India.

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What to Wear in India Guide

What to pack when travelling to India?

Apart from clothing here are travel essentials for India, which would come in handy all across the country, in all seasons throughout the year, unless you are in Ladakh in peak winters, which requires some serious packing to survive in -20 Celius. Most cities and towns have markets where you can buy items of daily use including toiletries, snacks, filtered water, electric items, medicines, and others.

Essential packaging list for India –

  • Documentation – Documents are important wherever you are in the world, having your passport and a local country ID would be helpful. Here is a list of all documents you must carry with you at all times.
  1. Passport & Visa – It tops the packing list for India and is a must-have to travel to India, it is recommended to carry copies of your passport and visa at all times. You can keep the original with you or leave them at the hotel that’s up to you. Also, it is advisable to have the embassy number for your country with you, just in case.
  2. Local ID –Carrying a copy of your local government ID is advisable, especially if you are a student your student ID can be helpful in getting you a discount on monument tickets.
  3. Vaccinations Certificates – It is recommended to visit the official government website to get information on the required vaccines if any for India, to ensure a smooth tour across India. Certificates of vaccinations can be required by the authorities at the airport, so keep them handy when flying.
    Vaccination guide from the UK government.
    Vaccination guide from the USA government.
  4. Travel Insurance – If you are insured keeping a copy of your travel insurance can be helpful in case of any mishap. Be informed of your benefits included in the insurance.
  • Medications – If you are on prescribed medications, make sure you carry them with you, there will be alternatives available in India but it’s recommended to stick to those that work well for you.
  1. Fever – Temperature variations, mosquitoes, exhaustion, and others can cause fatigue and fever, so it is recommended to carry a fever medicine with you.
  2. Pain Relief – If you are on any painkillers, make sure you carry them and they can be handy if you get a cramp or back ache when exploring some ruins of forts or palaces or any other situation that can’t be foreseen.
  3. Diahreah – Delly Belly is a common travel phenomenon. Learn about how to avoid Delhi belly in India in our detailed post on the topic.
  4. Multivitamins/energy supplement/Rehydration salts – India is a vast country with varied weather and seasons and it can sometimes be tiring to explore, it is recommended to carry a few of the medications to beat the scorching sun in this tropical country.
  5. Band-Aid & Antiseptic Ointment – Just in case you get a bruise or a small cut, keeping them handy can help you heal in time.
  • Electronics – We live in a connected world, thanks to our everyday gadgets without them, it’s hard to imagine life. You need to note that in India the electricity operates at 230V and 50 Hz, so make sure you have the voltage convertor handy before you arrive. Also, the power sockets are different, so when packing for India carry the connector as well, so you can use the sockets in India with ease.
    Packing for India
  1. Camera – India has vivid colors, culture, architecture, and more to it, a good camera is a win-win, but today phones have great cameras too so you can stick to the camera of your phone to get those pictures clicked in time. Make sure you have enough storage in your device to capture those memories from your trip to India.
  2. Phones and charging cables – They are already at the top of your packing list for India.
  3. Laptops or other devices – Yes if you intend to work you should carry them with the right connectors, so you can recharge them in India.
  4. Shavers/Trimmers – You can carry them, or rather prefer Razors which can be bought in India as well. Getting a haircut and beard in India would be cheaper than at home, and you might get a head massage for free with it.
  • Toiletries – If you are allergic to specific chemicals or ingredients it is great to carry your own toiletries, it is great to have in small quantity or packaging your day-to-day use toiletries which can include –
  1. Toothpaste
  2. Brush
  3. Shampoo
  4. Soap
  5. Hand Wash
  6. Sanitizer
  7. Tissues

Do Not Miss these from your packaging list to India –

  1. Mosquito Repellent
  2. Sunscreen

You can get them at the hotels too, but carrying them can be handy when on the roads, especially on long journeys between cities, as India is a long country and distances can be great.

They are a travel essential in India if you intend to travel by train.

  • Footwear – India is a land of varied terrains and depending on the tour type you can pack specifically.
  1. Sports Shoes – it is advised to carry comfortable sports shoes which can be helpful while exploring the country, be it walking the busy roads, climbing hilltop fortress, or feeding your adventure junkie a great pair of sports shoes is a must.
  2. Slippers/Sandals – You can carry a pair of slippers, crocs, flip-flops, or sandals for your daily chores.

Bags – You must carry a bag that is good enough to accommodate the clothes, souvenirs, and memories from India, this is possible only if you pack light.

Carry a small bag for your day tour which can accommodate copies of your documents, water bottles, snacks or munchies, some toiletries, and a few medications.

Hope you got the answer to your question “What to pack for a trip to India?”