Since the major festival of Diwali arrives as per the movement of the stars and the sun, be sure to select your dates appropriately to blend in the joyous atmosphere spread across India on our Indian festival Expedition. The festival of light is celebrated on the occasion of the homecoming of Lord Ram with his wife Sita who was abducted by Ravan the then ruler of Sri-Lanka. Diwali is celebrated throughout the country and one should get a mask beforehand as the smoke from the fireworks and cracker’s can sometimes get thick especially in cities. Carry your fancy outfits or you can buy one from the local markets, to blend in the colors of Diwali, as most people wear their shiny and fancy clothes including Rajputi Poshaks filling the streets with colors.

Get your work’s done and bags packed before it’s late. Our India festival expedition is fully customizable and the itinerary is prepared on request. Across India Diwali is celebrated with joy, homes illuminated with lights and oil lamps locally knows as diyas,  with people visiting their friends and relatives, it is the time of the year when you go and greet your family and friends. We take you across the cities and the rural region to have the first-hand experience of the festivities which go along with the festival of lights.

Choose your destination in India, be it Udaipur the city of lakes in India, or the pink city of Jaipur, these cities are a perfect choice to celebrate the festival with your loved ones. With our experts on tour who will share with you the local customs and traditions, and take you to the right places for celebrations. Indulge in a celebration unlike any other, filled with lights, sweets and warmth as you move through the celebration week across India.

Tour Plan

Detailed Itinerary

Itinerary to be custom made as per the festival dates.
Major Festival's are -
Diwali - The festival of Light's
Holi - The festival of Colour

Other popular are-
Animal festival pushkar
Camel Festival Bikaner
Teej & Gangaur festival procession.

Tour Highlights

Feel the color of India in the festive season.
The brightly lit street filled with women's shopping for the auspicious ocasion's.
Indulge in the celebration.
Do it the Indian way.

Tour Plan Starts : 1750 /-USD