Visiting India for the first time – Tips you need to know

India travel tips for first-time visitors

Visiting India for the first time, well you have made a great choice of destination, and you will surely have a wonderful experience you will cherish for life. What goes into your mind when you think of India, almost the world’s most populous country India has something for each kind of traveler, so if you are in search of spirituality or yoga India is for you, if you are looking for cultural immersion, India is for you, If you intend to experience architectural wonders India is for you and there is much more that you can experience in this country. There can be some thoughts in the back of your mind while you are packing for India, this guide for first-time travelers to India will ensure you are well-prepared to experience the best of India.

The thing you should get sorted for your travel to India?

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First time to India for travellers

Be ready for the experience of a lifetime

India is unlike any other place you have been, this country is unique in every sense. From bustling cities to peaceful mountains and chaotic crowds which can be perceived by all your five senses. The moment you are out of the airport you will see people clothed in vibrant colors, cars honking to reach their destination in time, chants going around in temples, animals on the streets, and people asking for alms at traffic lights. India is unlike the world you come from it is a different feeling for which you must be prepared to accept, but trust me it will make every moment count.

Planning your travel beforehand

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India is a large country and it is difficult to travel the whole country in one, therefore it is important to be prepared with your travel plans, to not waste time in thinking and planning when in India. Be prepared with a list of destinations you are going to cover as per your travel preference. Take it slow when in India as travel distances are long and the traffic in India can be chaotic sometimes. Also, you get to experience the remote parts of the country when traveling from one city to another and you don’t know what you get to see on the way.

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Remain vigilant in Crowd

Is India safe to travel? Yes it is, but some places like monuments, places of worship, and markets can be crowded, it is advised to be vigilant of your belongings in crowded places. If you feel anything suspicious or uncomfortable you can ask the person – Kya Hua? – What happened? or if there is something wrong happening to you, it’s better to scream. This will attract the attention of the people around you who would come to your rescue since guests in Indian culture are termed equivalent to gods “Attithi Devo Bhavah”, you will experience it when you travel through India.

Dressing up as per the occasion and location

India is a bit conservative when it comes to clothing, especially in the rural areas and places of worship, it is advised to dress up modestly covering your arms and shoulders at these places. Well, if you are going to the beaches in Goa you definitely don’t need to cover your body. It is advisable to carry a piece of cloth on your first visit to India, it can come in handy to cover yourself if you have any instant plan changes. Also, going through our detailed post on what to wear in India can be a useful guide on the subject.

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Food in India

Indian cuisine is famous all across the globe for its flavor, aroma, and spices. When visiting India for the first time it is advisable to stick to freshly prepared and well-cooked meals in the beginning to avoid Delhi belly in India and make your body accustomed to Indian cuisine. Once you are comfortable you can cherish the delicious foods of India. In India, you get to experience a wide range of cuisines as most states have their own food, so you are in for a feast when traveling to India.

first time to India

Communication in the country

Well, in India your home number would be active if you have an international plan, it would be a bit expensive. It is advised to buy an Indian sim card at the airport which can be availed by providing your passport copy to the vendor. All across the country most hotels offer wifi service which can be helpful, also it is essential to keep the numbers of your embassy handy in case of any emergency. The tourist helpline number in India is – 1800111363, also 112 is the local helpline number.

Mode of Transportation

You have the choice of going around the country by taxi, bus, train, or flight, since India is a large country sometimes the distances can be too much to travel by car or bus, and trains and flights can be comfortable for traveling from far-off cities. In cities, you can book an Uber, or take a tuk-tuk ride but in remote regions, you should have a taxi to travel as local transport may not be readily available. Since you are visiting India for the first time it is advisable to book a taxi to travel across the country unless you are doing long distances.

Traffic in India

Bargaining can help

Learn to bargain when shopping in the local markets, certainly, not all places would accept your prices but you can save a few dollars here and there when shopping. The Indian markets are vibrant and cheap and it’s difficult to keep a timeline when shopping in India. The best bargain trick is to offer your price and move on, if the shopkeeper is keen to sell they will offer the best price he can once you start to walk away.

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